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Frequently Ask Questions

Is it a Trello alternative?

Nah, not really. Just a simple ToDo list for small teams like the one I'm working in right now. Keeping track of planning while working from home initially inspired me to write this tool.

How many people can contribute to my to-do list?

You can invite up to 25 people at once to your ToDo'r lists. However if you are going to work with this many people then I'm pretty sure there are better tools out there that do the job.

Do I have to pay for it to work?

You don't have to pay anything, just try it, it's completely free! Since this is a learning project for me I plan to keep it free for now. You get access to all the sweet features ToDO'r has to offer.

How does it work?

Well, create a ToDo-card, add priorities and assign them to users in your list. After that you can set the status (open, done, waiting & parked) of a ToDo-card so all can see what the status of that perticular task is. Try it!